AI or Artificial Intelligence is making a significant impact on the world, especially in the Healthcare sector. Many hospitals and labs are rapidly developing and using AI more in operations to boost their patient engagement and relaxation to customer support. When the AI handles the queries, it reduces the burden for any customer support team. Conversational AI is the part where the interaction happens, and the patient’s questions are answered. Information such as profile registration, appointment booking, and extracting lab reports, all these information can be handled by AI, which will multiply the sales online and enhance the marketing ROI.

Implementing AI can be very beneficial for hospitals and patients in terms of productivity and efficiency, increasing test booking and appointment rates, less interaction with the customer support team, and much more. This could bring 24/7 genuine leads and automates the follow-ups along with payment assistance but what can be phenomenal is the 24/7 conversation. AI never stops; patients will be able to interact with the system anytime, anywhere. Their queries can be solved within a few seconds. That is how AI is advancing the healthcare sector.

The increased demand for AI systems was witnessed during the pandemic. During the Covid 19, people faced challenges in getting their test booking, appointment bookings, and lab reports and facing issues connecting with doctors, hospitals, or lab customer support. AI comes in handy to the patients for getting their profile registration, answering all the queries related to booking appointments and tests, and extracting their reports in a few seconds from Hospital Information System (HIS) or Laboratory Information System (LIS). Every conversation on the system feeds the AI, making the AI more powerful and more understandable for patients’ queries.

AI Milestones

AI is adding new steps and taking the healthcare sector to higher achievement. To give you more insight, a company named PathAI, based out of Boston, Massachusetts, is developing their machine learning technology to help pathologists bring more accurate diagnoses to the world. They are already working to implement cancer diagnoses and other medical treatments.

Every day, AI gathers data and analyses it to work to deliver more accurate results and improve diagnostics by predicting the risk and suggesting personalised experience. Enlitic, based out of San Francisco, is constantly using deep learning for radiology diagnosis. As mentioned earlier, conversational and patient engagement is the best part of the healthcare sector.

At Voiceoc, we have created the most innovative and intelligent healthcare focused AI engine that is deployed over WhatsApp. Our conversational AI has proved helpful for numerous patients in helping them book appointments, avail medical reports and get support from Hospitals and Labs in seconds.

Note: This blog was published in BW Healthcare.

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