Make Best Use of Patient Conversation Data to Understand More About Your Patients & Grow the


Get an abstract view of how your patients are interacting with conversational AI and get answers to questions that matter most to your business in real time

Understand your patient behaviour by getting answers to the most critical questions such as – for what service is my patient requesting my service for? At what points are my patients dropping off in the middle of conversation? What has been their experience in interacting with AI? Etc.

Our sentiment analysis engine helps you to deep dive and understand overall sentiments of the patients towards your company.

With the click of a button, you can download the entire conversation data in a clean excel format so that your team can further run analysis and draw more insights out of it quickly.

Understand what can be done to enhance customer care agent productivity

Voiceoc AI engine has been designed in a way that as & when required, patient chats are transferred to customer care agents. On an average, 90-95% patient inquiries are handled by AI and the remaining goes to the agent and therefore, maintaining good experience becomes critical not just from AI side but also from the agent side.

Our system helps you track all the minute activities of your agents on a day to day basis so that you can easily manage their productivity. Additionally, the system allows you to track the average time it takes for the agents to revert to patients, feedback ratings of each agent and a lot more.

Get all the insights right in your email inbox

We understand how important it is for you to track all the insights in real time.

Our ‘Email Analytics’ feature enables you to receive all the patient insights that are reflected on your dashboard right into your email inbox in the form of regular alerts.

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