Close Your Real Estate Sales More Quickly With Voiceoc Generative AI Assistant

Voiceoc AI assistant enables you to increase prospective buyers and convert prospective buyers into buyers.


Automate & Personalise All Your Customer Interactions With Voiceoc AI Assistant

Property Discovery

Make it very easy for your prospective customers to explore all properties, learn more about their amenities and a lot more.

Queries Handling

Strengthen engagement with your prospects and help them make informed decisions by giving most accurate answers to all their queries in real time.

Property Recommendation

Voiceoc AI assistant recommends best properties to prospective customers based on their needs leading to a higher conversion rate.


While Voiceoc AI answers most of your prospect questions however, more complex queries can be routed to your agents to maintain customer experience.

Tour Scheduling

Let your prospects book site visits any time with a click of a button anytime from anywhere.


Lead Qualification

Voiceoc AI assistant scores all the leads and helps you identify hot leads so that you can spend more time on immediate leads.

Make It Easy For Your Customers To Explore Properties, Schedule Tours & Increase Tour Footfall Rate

Voiceoc AI assistant helps your prospects get all the information of the property, book site visits and also, get regular reminders for the site visit thus, helping you increase the footfall rate.


Convert Cold Leads To Hot Leads

Set different campaigns for cold leads and hot leads so that you can convert cold leads into hot leads & hot leads into buyers.

Filter Out Leads That Are More Likely To Make A Purchase

Voiceoc helps you identify the leads that are more likely to make a purchase so that you can spend more time on conversion than prospecting.

Strengthen Engagement With Your Customers By Answering All Their Queries

Voiceoc AI engine is loaded with datasets related to queries that are mostly asked by prospective customers while making a real estate purchase. This helps them get answers to all their questions immediately and get more & more engaged with the real estate company.

Extract All Valuable Insights Of Your Customers

Stop guessing and get all the valuable insights about your prospective customers so that you can make data driven decisions that can help you enhance your customer’s experience and increase sales conversion rate.

Run High Return Campaigns

Run ‘Smart’ Campaigns On WhatsApp To Increase & Nurture Leads

Extra Value-Added Features

Communicate by sending ‘voice messages’

Amaze your customers by letting them communicate by sending voice messages.

Multi Language Capability

Our AI engine has the capability to understand & respond in any language. All the responses are highly personalised and the AI engine responds in a way that your customers find very friendly.

Engage With Your Customers At All Possible Touchpoints

With the Omnichannel capability, Voiceoc AI engine lets your customers engage on the channel where they spend most of their time.

Easily Integrate With Your CRM & Other Apps That You Use

Voiceoc allows seamless data transfer to your CRM and all other Apps that you use.

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