Cutting-Edge NLP With
AI Agent Assist To Drive
Growth At Your
Healthcare Company

Our healthcare focused AI engine is designed to enable us maintain personalised communication with your patients so that you can focus on taking care of your patients.

Delight Your Patients With Voiceoc
Conversational AI

Our powerful AI engine is feeded with more than 1 Million patient conversation data monthly thereby helping you achieve higher conversions in terms of appointment booking & deliver human-like experience to patients.

Automate End To End Patient Journey
The entire patient journey right from learning more about the healthcare company to getting symptoms diagnosed to booking an appointment, availing support, pulling medical records, communicating post treatment is all automated via Voiceoc AI engine.
Easily Manage Appointment Bookings
With Voiceoc Lead Management System, you can easily manage bookings, take action and download data in excel format.
Free Flow Contextual AI Journey With NLP-driven intelligence
Unlike ‘fixed’ or ‘unidirectional conversational flows’, Voiceoc AI engine is designed to work on the intents of patients thereby giving a human-like interaction experience. Moreover, the complete flow is ‘free flow’ in nature thus, allowing patients to move back & forth and get whatever they want without any fallbacks and in quick steps. Our ‘free flow contextual’ AI journey has proved to increase conversion rate & enhance patient experience.
Faster Go-To Market With Pre-Trained & HIS/LIS Integrated AI Models
Get the complete product which is pre-trained & pre-integrated with your HIS/LIS so that you can quickly launch the product and start availing benefits.
No Coding Skills Required
The complete product is delivered as a ready-to-use solution so you don't need any developer, data scientist etc. You can easily go live in quick and easy steps.

Boost Your Agent’s Productivity With Voiceoc
AI Agent Assist Module

Smoothly transfer chats to agents only when required
Our AI engine is designed to handle the entire communication and transfer the chat to agents only at specific trigger events such as - patient gives negative feedback, patient explicitly requests to chat with agents and AI unable to understand the patient 2 times consecutively.
Proprietary queue mapping algorithm to reduce drop off rate
Our proprietary queue mapping algorithm keeps your patients engaged and informed about expected wait time in case your agents are busy. Moreover, the system is designed in a way that it lets agents manage unlimited chats simultaneously. This significantly helps reduce drop off rate and enhance patient experience.
Chat ‘intelligently’ with patients
Our AI agent assist module allows your agents to view all the previous chat history and also, the personality traits, such as friendly, impatient etc., of the patient so that agents have the right context to provide quick & personalised support to the patients.
AI powered Auto suggestions
Our AI engine tracks the agent & patient interaction in real time and based on learning, gives prompt suggestions to the agents so as to deliver standardised & correct responses quickly.
Agent performance & logs
Our module tracks all the minute activities of your agents and provide real time logs & other insights so that you can easily make informed decisions to optimise your agents team and enhance their productivity.

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