Leverage Voiceoc Generative
AI To Maintain Strong Influx
Of Bookings & Deliver
Personalised Experience To
Your Customers At Your
Salon, Spa & Fitness Centers

Inbound Touchpoints

  • Book
  • Manage
  • Locate Nearest
  • Explore &
    Buy Products
  • Get Queries
  • Purchase Gift Cards
    & Apply For
  • Checkout
  • Chat With
    Customer Care
  • Pay Bills

Outbound Touchpoints

  • Appointment
    No-Show Engagement
  • Feedback &
  • Share Offers

Make It Very Easy For Your Customers To Book & Manage Appointments On Their Own

Grow new & repeat appointments by making it very simple & quick for your customers to book, cancel & reschedule appointments.

Increase Product Sales Through Engaging Chat Experience

Voiceoc makes it very convenient for your customers to explore your entire product inventory and make a purchase through our engaging & personalised AI driven chat experience.

Deliver Quick & Personalised Support To Your Customers

Voiceoc Generative AI is trained on millions of conversational data points that can handle most of your customers queries thereby significantly reducing customer calls traffic & wait time.

Grow Business By Staying Engaged With Your Customers

Stay engaged with your customers at all possible touch points by communicating offers, feedback alerts, appointment reminders etc.

“Choosing Voiceoc was definitely a good decision. It helped us to automate our patient engagement process which boosted our appointment numbers and NPS. Furthermore, this automation has helped us reduce calls and save significant time of our staff members.”

Ashutosh Gupta
Head of Marketing and Sales

Connect With Service Provider Only When Needed

Voiceoc has proved to automate 90-95% of incoming patient queries. In certain events wherein our AI feels that a human can better handle patient queries, it automatically connects the patient with support staff.

The application is loaded with features that can help your staff member quickly understand patient requirements and provide support thus, saving crucial time. 

Integrated With Your Management System

Voiceoc system can be integrated with any management system allowing your customers to send & receive data, book & manage appointments and a lot more in real time.

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