Diagnostic labs chain play a vital role in our society majorly by improving patient care. The close proximity of these labs to the patients’ home further adds to the value.

However, this industry has far seen any drastic improvement in enhancing in – lab experience of patients. WhatsApp is like oxygen in India and if used smartly, can bring a drastic change in the way patients engage with diagnostic labs thus, making life easier for both patients & diagnostic lab staff.

Voiceoc, a Delhi based AI startup, helps healthcare companies to bring their services on WhatsApp using a contextual combination of artificial intelligence & human intelligence..

We, at Voiceoc, love challenging the status quo by using WhatsApp coupled with the latest technology to make customers’ lives better.

Book appointment in seconds

Gone are the days when you had to call the lab representatives to book the appointment or use unfriendly mobile website interface or go directly to the lab to book your appointment and then wait in the queue for your turn.


Voiceoc AI engine allows patients to book the appointment on WhatsApp in max. 20 seconds and get instant appointment confirmation without using any man power. The leads are delivered in real time to the Lab CRM system.

Never miss an appointment. Get appointment alerts!

No need to stress about remembering the appointment time.

Voiceoc AI engine gives personalised appointment reminders to the patients thus, informing them well in advance which in turn adds to the patients’ experience.

Locate the nearest lab in seconds.


No need to rely on your gut instinct or depend on local ‘paan wale bhaiya’ to find the nearest lab. Moreover on several occasions, the locations returned by Google are confusing & unreliable. This is because of the huge amount of overlapping data.

Voiceoc AI engine stores all the actual lab locations in its database and so, returns 100% correct lab location making it super convenient for the patient to navigate and reach the nearest lab.

Never miss your past reports. Store all your reports in one place.

Two scenarios happen so often with almost everyone:

Your lab test reports are ready and you have to rush to the lab to grab the reports or maybe download from the unfriendly mobile website.

You have an appointment with the doctor, and at the last minute you are browsing through the stack of papers to get your lab report.

Both the situations are quite frustrating but as you would have rightly expected, Voiceoc AI engine is programmed to help the patients in both the scenarios.

End-to-End integration of Voiceoc AI engine with the existing LIMS allows patients to view the report on WhatsApp as soon as they are ready.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about looking for the report in the paper stack as the same can be retrieved through AI anytime in seconds.

Chat with the customer care agents similar to the way you chat with your friends.

Calling customer care and then selecting a few numbers followed by waiting in a queue and then finally talking to the agent is one of the most annoying tasks for anyone.

In today’s time, especially millennials, want everything to be quick & convenient. Voiceoc brings the IVR like ‘live chat’ system on WhatsApp that allows patients to interact with the agent in a similar way they chat with their friends.

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